Preclinical MR Core Facility, Ullevål



The state-of-the art Agilent 9.4 T MR scanner at our facility is dedicated to animal research. It offers unique non-invasive imaging capabilities, including superior spatial and temporal resolution imaging which is not achievable with existing other instruments. The instrument is also ideal for acquiring high resolution magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS). MRS offers a non invasive window on cellular metabolism in vivo.

Our core facility node includes a well equipped surgery room used for preparing the animals for MR exams and a wide assortment of equipment, i.e. anesthesia machines, MR compatible vital signs monitors, MRI compatible infusion/withdrawal syringe pump. The scanner is located within the animal care facility at OUS-Ullevål.

Researchers both within and outside Regional Health Authority South-East can have access to the scanner. Scientific and technical personnel are available to help in developing MR sequences and scanning procedures as well as to aid imaging processing and to teach investigators and fellows.
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Primary activity is cardiovascular imaging of mice and rats. However, we are also performing experiments in other organ systems.

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