Preclinical MR Core Facility, Ullevål


Core Facility Node leader: Ivar Sjaastad,
phone: +47 23 01 67 97

Oslo University Hospital, Ullevål, Building 25,
Kirkeveien 166, NO-0407 Oslo, Norway

Booking of MR instrument

The instrument can only be booked after your project has been accepted for using the core facility, and only through your appointed contact person.

Facility staff will offer instrument specific training to otherwise competent users. Researchers not experienced in MRI/MRS requier more extensive training to get access to the instrument.

Funding and Fees

Strong Magnetic Field DANGER

The MR core facility is supported by grants from Helse sør-øst.

For academic users the user fee will be:
• Renting the equipment kr. 400,- pr hour
• Using the staff kr. 400,- pr hour (training, acquisition, analysis)

For non-academic users the user fee will be:
• Renting the equipment kr. 800,- pr hour
• Using the staff kr. 500,- pr hour (training, acquisition, analysis)

All users must cover damage inflicted to the instruments or software.

Safety precautions in MR environments

WARNING: Strong magnetic fields may be hazardous to heart pacemakers and matallic implants. Iron and steel materials must not be taken into the area. Serious injury or property damage may result.

Magnetic fields can destroy credit cards and key cards.

Biosafety in laboratory animal facility

biological hazard

Animals from other clean facilities might be transfered to the lab, but will then be concidered as contaminated and not brought out of the Section.

Course in Laboratory Animal Science for Researchers (FELASA C) from the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science, or similar institutions, is mandatory.

Be aware of possible allergic reactions!

New research projects using MRI can be started by scheduling an appointment to discuss the project with Professor Ivar Sjaastad . For technical questions please contact Head Engineer Lili Zhang, PhD

Equipment and technical specifications:
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