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Institute for Experimental Medical Research (IEMR),
Oslo University Hospital, Ullevål
PB 4956 Nydalen, NO-0424 Oslo, Norway

Visiting and Delivery address:
Kirkeveien 166 (Ullevål sykehus),
Building 7, 4th floor,
0450 Oslo, Norway

Phone: +47 23 01 68 00
Fax: +47 23 01 67 99

Brief history

Institute for Experimental Medical Research (IEMR) or in Norwegian Institutt for eksperimentell medisinsk forskning (IEMF), was established in 1951 at the initiative of Carl B. Semb (1895 - 1971), Professor of Surgery, and made possible through a grant from shipowner Anders Jahre (1891- 1982). Their idea was to create an environment that promoted research in collaboration with the clinical departments at Oslo University Hospital - Ullevål. The links to the hospital's Department of Surgery have always been close.

Professor Fredrik Kiil (1921 - 2015 ) served as Head of Institute from 1961 to 1991. He developed the first extensively used artificial kidney and established renal physiology as the major research area at the Institute. Through several years professor Morten Harboe (1929- ) built up a strong group in immunology and leprosy research. This field was abandoned when Harboe moved his group to the National Hospital in 1983. Kiil also initiated research in cardiac and vascular physiology, and professor Arnfinn Ilebekk (1941- ) has headed this research until he retired in 2011. Morten G. Ræder (1939-2012) joined the IEMR in 1982 following his appointment as Professor of Surgical Pathophysiology. He has since been investigating mechanisms of biliary and pancreatic secretion. Professor Ræder retired at the age of 70 in January 2009. Professor of Anesthesia, Petter A. Steen (1947- ) , has supervised research activity relating to heart and lung resuscitation since 1982 and retired in 2014.

Ole M. Sejersted was appointed Professor and Head of Department in1991. Since then, renal physiology ceased to be an area of investigation, and the focus shifted to cardiovascular research in addition to continued activity in biliary and pancreatic research. Cellular and molecular biological techniques have been introduced. He retired in 2017.

Geir Christensen MD, PhD was appointed Director of Research in 1998 and professor in 2003. Ivar Sjaastad VMD, MD, PhD succeeded Professor Ræder in 2009. Alessandro Cataliotti MD, PhD succeeded Professor Ilebekk in 2013.

Ivar Sjaastad was appointed Acting Head of Department in 2017.

The Institute now has six research Groups. ( See Group leaders).

Carl B. Semb (1895 - 1971)                     Anders Jahre (1891- 1982)

Fredrik Kiil (1921 - 2015 )                     Arnfinn Ilebekk (1941- )

Morten G. Ræder (1939-2012)                     Ole M. Sejersted (1947- ) 

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