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Institute for Experimental Medical Research (IEMR)

Institutt for eksperimentell medisinsk forskning (IEMF):
Head of Institute: Professor Ole M. Sejersted, MD, Ph.D.

Institute for Experimental Medical Research (IEMR),
Oslo University Hospital, Ullevål
PB 4956 Nydalen, NO-0424 Oslo, Norway

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Kirkeveien 166 (Ullevål sykehus), Building 7, 4th floor, 0450 Oslo, Norway

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Kate 2014

Doctoral Thesis: 12th. March 2015

M.Sc. Kate Møller Herum will defend her thesis for the degree of Ph.D. (philosophiae doctor): Syndecan-4 in Cardiac Fibroblasts. Role in Regulation of Extracellular Matrix and Myocardial Stiffness.

Trial lecture: The roles of proteoglycans in development of atherosclerosis.

Trial lecture: 12th. March 2015 10:15
Dissertation: 12th. March 2015 13:15

Venue: Store auditorium A1.1001, Domus Odontologica, Sognsvannsveien 10, Oslo

Supervisor: Professor Geir Christensen, Institute of Clinical Medicine, University of Oslo


The European Research Council (ERC)

Consolidator Grant 2014

The European Research Council (ERC) has again selected top scientists in its Consolidator Grant competition.
On the list this year is IEMR-researcher William E. Louch (Bill).
ERC Consolidator Grants are designed to support researchers at the stage at which they are consolidating their own independent research team or programme, to give opportunities for young investigators to develop independent careers and make the transition from working under a supervisor to being independent researchers in their own right.

Well done, Bill!

Read more about Funding and Grants from ERC.

European Research Council - Supporting top researchers from anywhere in the world!

Cardiovascular Research

Latest publication (January 2015)

Kate M. Herum, Ida G. Lunde, Biljana Skrbic, William E. Louch, Almira Hasic, Sigurd Boye, Andreas Unger, Sverre-Henning Brorson, Ivar Sjaastad, Theis Tønnessen, Wolfgang A. Linke, Maria F. Gomez & Geir Christensen

Syndecan-4 is a key determinant of collagen cross-linking and passive myocardial stiffness in the pressure-overloaded heart

Cardiovascular Research. doi: First published online: 13 January 2015

Trude Aspelin

Doctoral Thesis: 15th. January 2015

Trude Aspelin will defend her thesis for the degree of Ph.D. (philosophiae doctor): Cardiac tissue plasminogen activator. Experimental studies on stimulated release, receptor interactions and β-blockade in pigs.

Trial lecture: Bakenforliggende mekanismer ved aterotromboser.

Trial lecture: 15th. Jan. 2015 10:15
Dissertation: 15th. Jan. 2015 13:15

Venue: Rødt auditorium, 1.etg. Patologibygningen (bygg 25), Ullevål sykehus, Kirkeveien 166, Oslo

Senior Scientist Torstein Lyberg, Department of Medical Biochemistry, Oslo University Hospital, Ullevål.
Professor Emeritus Arnfinn B. Ilebekk, Institute for Experimental Medical Research, Oslo University Hospital, Ullevål.

Kristin V. T. Engebretsen 5x7 just

Doctoral Thesis: 7th. January 2015 Kristin Victoria Tunheim Engebretsen will defend her thesis for the degree of Ph.D. (philosophiae doctor):
Extracellular matrix alterations in the pressure overloaded left ventricle.

Trial lecture: Does Transcatheter Aortic Heart Valve Implantation (TAVI) lead to beneficial effects on the left ventricle? Implication and regulatory roles of matrix proteoglycans.

Trial lecture: 7th. Jan. 2015 10:15
Dissertation: 7th. Jan. 2015 13:15

Venue: Universitetets aula, Domus Media (Midtbygningen), Karl Johans gate 47, Oslo

Supervisor: Professor II Theis Tønnessen, Division of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Diseases, University of Oslo

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